Elle Reid, a feminist poet with some renown, was in a thirty-eight year same sex relationship until her wife, Violet, passed away eighteen months ago. Since then, Elle has been in transition in her life in many facets, although returning to writing has not been one of those facets, she long ago having given that up. She has just ended a four month relationship with a grad student named Olivia, that May-December relationship, her first relationship since Vi, which she states will just be an inconsequential blip in her life. Elle has an adult daughter, Judy Reid, the product of a one night stand as she wanted a child but obviously, as a lesbian, not a husband. Judy, a driven businesswoman, in turn has a teenaged daughter, Sage Reid, the sperm which produced her being from a sperm bank in Judy not having the time to have a relationship. Sage and Elle are scared of Judy, the two more senior Reids who rarely speak to each other, especially since Vi's death. On this day, Sage turns to her grandmother for six hundred thirty dollars to get an abortion, Sage not wanting to ask her mother in the otherwise need to tell her she's pregnant. Elle, currently broke having just paid off Vi's extensive medical bills, wants to help Sage, and knows that asking Judy, for both her own and Sage's sakes, is out of the question. As such, Elle and Sage go on a quest to find that six hundred thirty dollars. In the process, Elle revisits much of her past, some of that past which has long been buried even before Sage and Judy. Elle and Sage may also, in the process, come to a better understanding of each other and their dysfunction with Judy.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Actor: Lily Tomlin, Marcia Gay Harden, Julia Garner

Director: Paul Weitz

Country: United States

Duration: 79 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.7